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Membranes’ Performance:
Challenges and Solutions

The accumulation of microorganisms on membrane surfaces, known as biofouling, can lead to reduced performance and shortened membrane lifespan. Current methods to prevent biofouling such as biocides, don’t always solve the problem and can be costly and potentially harmful to humans and the environment.

Learn about our chemical-free technology that prevents biofouling and enhances your membrane performance.


Maximize the operational potential of your membranes! 

Biofouling hinders membrane performance and demands costly solutions. 
Atlantium's HODTM UV system uses a combination of medium-pressure UV lamps and Total Internal Reflection (TIR) to efficiently minimize biofouling, protecting RO membranes and equipment without chemicals.

Save money, reduce environmental impact, and enhance membrane longevity with Atlantium's game-changing approach.

Atlantium’s HODTM UV

The ultimate solution for RO membrane protection

Effective  Technology

Optimizes membranes' operations

Precision & Visibility

Real-time monitoring & control


Reduce chemical usage

Our Speaker

Sivan Bleich
Director of Product Management 

Sivan Bleich is an expert in water treatment innovation. Sivan joined Atlantium in 2022 as Director of Product Management. Prior to joining Atlantium, he worked in Mekorot as Department Manager in Mekorot Innovation Unit where he led technological water treatment collaborations. Bleich holds an MBA, an M.Sc. on Fouling Modeling in UF membranes from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a B.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Technion, and a B.Sc. in Geology and Earth Sciences from Ben-Gurion University. 

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