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Simple Syrup Disinfection

Ensure the safety and integrity of your products and brand. Join the F&B industry leaders and learn about achieving 100% syrup disinfection with unparalleled HOD™ UV performance.

Join the future of F&B innovation.

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Join the future of F&B innovation

Discover our revolutionary chemical-free UV treatment system that preserves the flavor and color of your product while preventing recalls, production downtime, and damage to your brand reputation.

To ensure ideal results and effectiveness, we use a unique approach to protect simple syrup solutions from microbial contamination, without risk of caramelization.

Atlantium’s HODTM UV

The ultimate alternative for Simple Syrup disinfection.

Marc J. Scanlon

Our Expert

Marc J. Scanlon

Senior Technical Sales Manager, F&B

Marc J. Scanlon is a well-known UV expert who has been actively engaged in the engineering and sales of UV equipment. He has made significant contributions to industry trade associations for bottled water, beverage, and pharmaceuticals by publishing articles and holding leadership positions. He has expertise in various applications such as simple syrup treatment, disinfection, ozone destruction, TOC reduction, dechlorination, and AOPs.

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