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Purify and Protect RO:
Pre-RO Dechlorination with HODTM UV 

Chlorine-based oxidants are frequently used in process water to protect equipment, but they can harm RO membranes and accelerate bacterial growth. Atlantium's HODTM UV system uses UV technology to decompose chlorine without chemical treatments, protecting chlorine-sensitive equipment effectively.

Learn about our chemical-free technology that revolutionizes your water treatment


Step Into Chemical-Free Disinfection:
With HODTM UV technology, achieve chemical-free disinfection, safeguarding RO membranes from chlorine-based oxidants. This easy-to-use and cost-effective solution provides an environmentally friendly approach to water treatment.

Atlantium’s HODTM UV

The ultimate solution for Pre RO membrane Dechlorination

Effective  Technology
Reduce CIP frequency

Precision & Visibility
Decrease in post-CIP DP

Increase permeate production 

Our Speakers
Atlantium_Dichlorination_Ytzhak Rozenberg

Ytzhak Rozenberg
CTO, Atlantium

Ytzhak (Itzik) leads a multidisciplinary R&D team in the development of “green” solutions for municipal and industrial applications based on Atlantium’s proprietary HOD™ UV technology. For more than 30 years, Rozenberg has transformed optic-based technologies into products in the biomedical, military, and industrial consumer goods markets.

Prior to joining Atlantium, Rozenberg was VP of R&D at Lumenis, where he was responsible for all medical applications and played a major role in founding and establishing OpusDent — the company’s first spinoff. He holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering.

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