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Pure Performance

HOD UV for PMO Compliance 

Pasteurized Water on Demand, Simply and Easily

At Atlantium, we've combined cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise to deliver unprecedented microbial inactivation, achieving water pasteurization without heat and taking water safety to levels never before achieved with conventional UV systems or with chemicals. 

Say goodbye to energy-intensive processes, long wait times, and chemical treatments that can harm your products and the environment.

Atlantium's HOD™ UV system for water treatment fully complies with
the FDA's Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) governing pasteurization and disinfection for the dairy industry. 

Atlantium’s field-proven validated software meets PMO electronic reporting requirements and has modules for ESL, EPA, bottled water,
and other food safety standards. 

RZ104 triclamp with monitor v5 1

Since Launch:


30,000 KW 
saved a day by the dairy industry compared to heat pasteurization


10 million gallons 
of PMO-compliant water produced


6 trillion gallons 
of water processed



Effective & economical: Pasteurizing
water with HOD
 UV saves
90% on energy 


Key Features & Benefits:

Atlantium's UV system is extremely cost-efficient as a water pasteurization replacement and provides fast ROI
Ensures Product Safety 
Computerized control system assures the delivered dose and prevents untreated water from entering production
On the Spot Compliance Reports   
Monitor actual UV dose delivery in real-time, as well as all mission-critical parameters including water UV transmittance, UV intensity, lamp status, and flow rate

What Our Customers Say About Us

“We recouped our initial investment the year of implementation, with subsequent annual net savings of over $71,000”

Large US plant manufacturing dairy products, ice creams, and juices  saved on annual operating expenses:

1 Electric Consumption down by 158,000 Kw

2 Personnel Time down by $23,250 per year

3 CIP for Tanks & Allergens down by $13,000

4 Down-Time down by $19,200


How Atlantium HOD 
meets PMO Compliance

The Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) provides water disinfection as a replacement for water heat pasteurization on condition that the UV system meets specific criteria. Learn how Atlantium complies with all PMO criteria.

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