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Effective Effluent Wastewater Treatment
HOD UV for Open Channel 

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As standards for wastewater reuse become stricter, municipalities need effective effluent disinfection treatment systems.

Following several treatment stages, municipal effluent undergoes tertiary filtration and disinfection. While disinfection can be carried out using chemicals, its hazardous impact on the environment and handling risks presents major challenges. That’s why municipalities are opting for chemical-free UV treatment.

Current UV solutions feature numerous lamps that consume energy and are complex to replace. The lack of adequate monitoring and control causes inefficient water treatment. 

All that's about to change

Atlantium 2

OC-Series Atlantium’s HOD UV Wastewater Treatment System

With a successful proven record in delivering pure results with our HODTM (Hydro-Optic Disinfection) UV closed vessels for wastewater treatment around the world, our low-pressure, high-intensity system features an optimized design delivering enhanced performance, based on Atlantium’s years of experience in designing, providing, and servicing thousands of HOD UV systems.

The design is based on the most powerful validated CFD-I process, the HOD UV system serves different flow rates and water conditions.

UV dose = UVT x flow rate x lamp output

Atlantium’s HOD UV system is designed with an optimized flow adjustment structure for eliminating escape routes and increasing the system’s efficiency. With its unique sensors, the system continuously monitors UVT levels and lamp operational indicators, which ensure reliable and efficient high disinfection levels - without the headache!



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Optimal flow
adjustment structure



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